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Common Core Test Poses New Threat to Students with ADHD

Shanna Pearson, ADHD Expert warns new testing standards could destroy the future of students with ADHD.

Right now, students are cramming for an April nationwide test deadline. Standardized testing has been the subject of hot debate for many years and this startling new connection with ADHD is another reason to question the assessment.

High stakes testing forces teachers to “teach to the test” which may result in higher test scores in the immediate future but can be detrimental in the long run. Rote memorization teaching methods do not result in real learning gains nor do they foster intrinsic motivation and curiosity, something that is necessary for success in college.

According to the Journal of Psychiatric Research, 32.3% of students with the combined type of ADHD drop out of high school.


“Testing memorization skills is killing the future of students with ADHD who are some of the most brilliant youth in our country.  Students with ADHD need to learn based on a deep understanding of the material.  A main symptom of ADHD is poor short-term memory, and these tests now rely on memorization more than ever.”

–Shanna Pearson

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ABOUT Shanna Pearson:

Shanna Pearson is the Founder & President of Expert ADHD Coaching Inc, – the world’s largest coaching and training company exclusively for adults & college students with ADHD. After graduating with honors in Psychology & Education, Shanna has spent the last 21 years creating Focus & Goal achievement programs for public & private organizations, as well as training Teachers, Counselors, & Coaches in ADHD Management, & leading action-based seminars that have helped tens of thousands of individuals with ADHD catapult their lives to the next level.


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