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Are you an author trying to get media exposure and sell books?


Join the FREE Webinar and learn media & PR secrets: 

My name is Dave Farrow and I am the 2 time Guinness World record holder for greatest memory, (and like you I am also an author.) I have booked myself as a featured guest expert on over 2000 media interviews (including The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey) Once I even sold $170,000 in one radio show and $250,000 in one TV program!

Check out my TODAY show appearance HERE

My keen understanding of how the brain works makes me a media expert. I knows exactly how to pitch a story so that it is memorable and top of mind.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • Publicity secrets and how to make your topic Memorable
  • The hottest media topics in radio, TV, and print (& how to align yourself with them)
  • How to “sell” yourself in an interview
  • What critical pieces every author has to have in their media package
  • How to maximize opportunities for exposure


“As a result of FarrowPR, more bookstores and media sources are interested in my book and I have bigger distribution deals than ever! Dave and the FarrowPR team were available 24/7 which was critical for me. Call me, talk to me, I’ll refer Dave any day!”

           – Carew Papritz, Author, “The Legacy Letters”


“Dave’s webinar was so entertaining and informative! He even stayed on longer to answer questions from our authors and gave fantastic advice that they could use right away.”

           – June Hyjek, author & former chair of Association for Publishers of Special Sales 


Dave Farrow is the CEO of FarrowPR, a national publicity firm that provides media coaching, public relations and speaking services, sales training, digital and social media management, and branding. Dave and his team have used their extensive experience and media connections to help a variety of clients achieve success, including authors.  Dave also draws from his personal experience as the two-time Guinness Record holder for greatest memory.  He has been a featured guest expert on over 2000 interviews in the media including, The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, Steve Harvey, Discovery Channel and many others. To earn the world record, Farrow recalled the exact order of 59 decks of shuffled playing cards using ‘The Farrow Memory Method’. This method was originally invented to combat Farrow’s dyslexia and ADHD and is now a unique memory system backed by a double blind neuroscience study at McGill University.



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