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And the Winner is…

Why you Should Implement ‘Awards Season Marketing’ into your Business


“Who’s gonna win?” “What is she going to wear”? “Who will have the most memorable speech?” These are the questions we hear regularly during the global hype for the hottest time in Hollywood: Awards Season.

December to February is when we roll out the red carpet and celebrate the best and brightest in the entertainment industry with ceremonies like the Golden Globes, Grammys, and Academy Awards.

But did you know Awards Season is just a huge marketing strategy?

Award shows generate a huge buzz that gets everyone talking months in advance and that’s exactly how you should approach marketing for your business. Just think…if a movie doesn’t have a trailor, who is going to want to see it? If a TV show doesn’t have promo commercials, how would you know to tune in? Without an evolving campaign how will people recognize your business and buy in? You don’t need to spend thousands on ad space to do this, you just need to be visible in the media. Once your brand is recognizable, it is much easier to gain an audience and loyal customers. Businesses compete through product launches, website designs, promos, events, contests and other online activities. Just like in Hollywood, you want to highlight the features that make your brand stand out. Think of “The Academy” as your business prospects, the ones that you want to impress the most, and having their support is the ultimate satisfaction. Overall, Awards Season is a campaign-driven process; Essentially the winner is whoever had the most impactful campaign pitch to the judges, not necessarily who had the “best film or song”.

Experiential Marketing: Not only big brands can do it.

Interacting with consumers is a great way to build a brand, but it takes careful planning to get it right. You don’t necessarily have to be a big brand name to cash in on some of the Award’s rewards. Social media is a prime opportunity for businesses to get significant public attention and reach their customers. Find a trending message that will resonate with your customers (it could be a news story, a national holiday or a popular event) and initiate a conversation by retweeting, commenting or posting about it.  Create hype and buzz by joining and adding to the existing excitement. (Source)

The Final Award Goes to….Your Customers!

Don’t forget to reward your customers. After all, they are the ones that choose your business over your competitors. If treated right, customers can be the biggest ambassadors of your brand. Create experiences that they will want to share with their friends, family, and their own network of social media followers. Reward them for their loyalty and dedication to your brand with a special promotion or discount, a small “thank-you” gift, premier access to new products, or even some sort of event!

If it’s Award Season, why not go all out? Your customers are some of your most important stakeholders, and if they feel appreciated, they’ll be committed to your brand and they will want to share it with their friends.

Need help generating that huge buzz for your business?