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Is Your Kid Back-to-School Ready?

Literacy Expert Shares How to Help Your Child Have the Best Year Yet!

School has changed since you were a kid. Even young students face a tough list of demands when they walk through those classroom doors. Everything from academic pressure (Common Core testing, meeting state standards, etc.) to social pressure (like where to sit for lunch and how to stand up to bullying.)

Literacy Expert Carew Papritz can help!


Whether you are entering first grade or your senior year, parents want to make sure their kids start September off right! Carew is sharing tips and tricks on how to get your kids back-to-school ready with advice for the first month of classes.


“September is the NEW New Year and it is a time to start fresh. School is just one opportunity to get into good habits,” says Papritz.



  • Tips and tricks to get your child back-to-school ready
  • How to turn around a bad school year
  • How parents & teachers can work together
  • Old school parenting advice for the modern age
  • How parents can take advantage of teachable moments



Carew Papritz, also known as The Cowboy Philosopher, is the author of the multi-award winning book The Legacy Letters. Though fictional, The Legacy Letters has won acclaim as a life lessons book for all generations, gaining the distinction of being the only book in publishing history to win awards in both fiction and non-fiction categories. A Renaissance Man in an age that lauds the specialist, The Huffington Post says Papritz “intrigues and enlightens, charms and catalyzes change for every reader.”

As part of his many innovative and adventurous first-ever book signings, Carew truly lives his book’s central message to “live life to the fullest” while signing books on top of volcanoes and horses. These events and other YouTube videos, such as the “I Love to Read” series and his annual literacy-driven charity event, “The Great Book Balloon Launch,” inspire kids and adults to rediscover the joy of reading! Find his videos at:



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