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Dave Brain Spa

Brain Spa™  A High Tech Solution to Better Sleep

According to the national institute of Health, 90% of disease is brought on by stress and fatigue.   

Brain Spa, is the perfect tool to insure that you have the best mind-state by enhancing your quality and duration of sleep.” You can get up to 4 HOURS of sleep in just 20 minutes!

Endorsed by Guinness Record Holder for Memory Dave Farrow.

“One of the important aspects of attaining a “super memory” is conditioning yourself to be open and receptive to the keys that will help you reach this goal,” says Farrow.  “Having the necessary sleep is a critical element to helping your brain absorb and retain the principals of mind and memory expansion.”


What is Brain Spa?

 Brain Spa includes an iPod-like player with recordings done by leading experts, and accessories that include specialized eye wear and headphones.  The user simply selects one of the custom programs on the player, puts on the accessories, reclines and relaxes.The eye wear and head phones emit calming wave patterns that quickly move the user from wide-awake, into an advanced state of relaxation.  When the program finishes 20 minutes later, the Brain Spa experience has immediately provided the user with about 2 hours of sleep!  It is very effective in promoting a good night’s sleep as well.

Benefits of Brain Spa

  • Provides drug-free, holistically enabled night time sleep
  • Reduces the primary sleep blockers of adrenaline & cortisol
  • Boosts the feel-good hormone of serotonin
  • Perfect for an afternoon recharge


About Dave Farrow:



Dave Farrow earned the Guinness World Record for memory by recalling the exact order of 59 decks of shuffled playing cards.  He created ‘The Farrow Method’ to help combat his severe dyslexia and ADHD and this is now a certifiable memory system backed by a double blind neuroscience study at McGill University.  Dave has been featured guest on Steve Harvey, The Today Show, Discovery Channel and many others.




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