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ORGANIC HERB: The Next Big Thing in the Marijuana Industry

New Laws Force Growers to Go All Natural


The organic trend has crossed over into the mainstream as health and wellness become a tacit part of modern culture. People today demand healthier, “all natural” products and marijuana is no exception. 

A rising number of people in the cannabis industry are looking to grow their crops the all natural way. Especially as states become more stringent with testing regulations. – Last week Oregon passed a law requiring all cannabis product batches be tested for pesticides. (source)


At the forefront of this trend is Circle M Farms Manager, Doug Mairs. Mairs is a leading advocate for organic fertilizer and helps to produce the purest, most potent form. His secret to passing the new regulations while creating plants that thrive? — Worm Poop!


“The science of farming is entering a new age and natural worm castings are vastly out performing other chemically sourced soils,”  says Mairs.


Marijuana growers are much more informed today and often have degrees in botany, thus they want pure ingredients not chemical substitutes. However, many growers don’t realize many ‘non-organic’ worm castings have fillers and chemicals that can damage the plants yielding batches that will not pass the new regulations. The natural worm casting trend is growing. Worm castings are the richest natural fertilizer known to humans. Mother Nature has known this for eons and has been using earthworms to safely and naturally rebuild and replenish the soil.


Mairs is on a mission to inform growers as well as the general public

about the new regulations so that they will not negatively impact the cannabis industry.



  • Organic Herb – Why This Trend is Growing
  • State Regulations and New Laws Regarding Cannabis Testing
  • How These Changes Will Affect Consumers and Other Industries
  • Negative Effect of Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers
  • Worm Poop in the Marijuana Industry



 Doug Mairs is the Operations Supervisor and Sales Manager for Circle M Farms Worm Castings. Doug has lived in the Ontario, Oregon area for the past 20 years and is the heart and soul of the family farm. He has dedicated his life to its success and growth. Now he is focused nearly entirely on the worm operations and is tasked with being both the Operations Supervisor for the production facility and Sales Manager. His daily tasks include tracking production supplies, product quality, vendor satisfaction, deliveries, personnel, and contract/wholesale sales. He enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and spending time with family.


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