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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Car Helmets for Kids?
Why This Attorney Says It’s Crucial

 Car accidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury fatalities in toddlers. (Source)

While car seats can prevent some injuries, they do not provide sufficient protection from impact to the head. Our children wear protective head gear in almost every risky sport or activity (football, baseball, bicycles, skateboards, etc.) but one activity where kids remain at risk is when they are passengers in a car.

But how far would you go for the safety of your child?

While it may seem overprotective, many parents have opted for putting helmets on small children in addition to seat belts and car seats.


Legal Expert Howard Spiva says car helmets are a necessary precaution for children under 10.


Spiva has seen hundreds of accidents in his 30 years of practicing law and he knows the lifelong struggle of children who suffer with traumatic brain injuries. “Most people do not realize how often a child in a car wreck ends up with a brain injury that lasts a lifetime,” says Spiva. “Most of these accidents are preventable and we need to get the message out to parents.”


In his new book, Winning Your Case, Spiva describes the importance of protecting kids from traumatic brain injuries and how a simple helmet can mean the difference between life and death. Spiva is on a crusade to protect children from fatalities and bring this knowledge to the masses.


“Too many times I have seen wrecks where no one else in the car was injured, yet a child received a traumatic brain injury.”



  • Brain Injury Awareness Month & the importance of protecting kids.
  • How helmets protect from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury.)
  • The legal implications for wearing helmets. Should it be mandatory?



For 33 years, Howard E. Spiva has been known as the “kids lawyer” with a mission to prevent traumatic brain injuries in children. Mr. Spiva is author of “Winning Your Case” which helps people select a competent, honest attorney. Howard was the radio host of “Never Settle For Less” and has been interviewed on countless TV/Radio shows. Attorney Howard Spiva served as past president of the Southern Trial Lawyers Association. Spiva Law Group has a long history of winning personal injury verdicts and negotiating settlement claims involving children, brain injuries, premises liability, truck wrecks, and wrongful death.



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