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Connection: The Newest Canadian Heritage Monument

Interview the Artist Behind the Sculpture

Last week, crowds  flocked to Heart’s Content, Newfoundland for the unveiling of “Connection,” a commemorative sculpture symbolizing the link between Europe and America.


Crafted out of native stone, the art piece represents the first successful transatlantic cable, laid in 1866. It will serve as a monument to the first physical connection between the continents in 200 million years and the bond between Ireland and Newfoundland.


The transatlantic cable made a huge impact on the world during a time when these two small coastal communities served as entryways for news of major world events. There was now permanent communication between Europe and America for the first time.




As an Irish immigrant, I feel a connection to these monuments as they are symbolic of the cultural duality in my life. It is more than just a cable…it is about people. It is a great honor for me to produce this monument on both sides of the Atlantic.”




Padraig Tarrant carefully composed this design incorporating the maritime tradition of each town, the physical aspect of the cable and the history of migration between both continents. The artist has designed both of the bollards in native stone as an extension of the surrounding landscape. The cable that loops around the bollard and extends to the ground is a representation of the transatlantic cable itself. The accompanying plaque, laid flush with the ground, is inscribed from the same native stone as each bollard. This natural, uncomplicated piece has been designed to stand through time and harsh weather to remind future generations of this major leap towards the instant communication that we enjoy today. An identical sculpture can be found in Valentia, Ireland near Tarrant’s home town.


  • The significance that the transatlantic cable had on the world 
  • The inspiration behind creating the piece 
  • The process of creating the sculpture 
  • Experience, art installations around the world & upcoming projects 


Padraig Tarrant was born in Glin, Ireland in 1954. He comes from a family of gifted tradesman, specializing in metalwork. He received his apprenticeship training in metalwork at 17 and received his qualifications in engineering science and metallurgy from Paddington College, London in 1979. Tarrant has exhibited in the US and Internationally including shows at the Havana Biennial Art Exhibition. His work has been featured in The NY Times and on the BBC website. Tarrant designs his pieces across a broad spectrum, from metal and wood sculptures to graphic design installations. In his native County Kerry, Tarrant designs can be found throughout the town of Listowel, in commemoration of the town’s history and heroes. The inspiration for Tarrant’s designs stems from a passion for his craft and for the environment around him.






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