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“How I Became a DIY Mom” 

eggOne woman’s story on egg freezing


“I decided that if I wasn’t in a serious relationship by the time I turned 40, I was going to start intrauterine insemination with the poker player’s sperm…”

In her mid-thirties, New York journalist Rachel Lehmann-Haupt was confidently building her career, traveling the world, and dating. She loved her life, but her biological clock was ticking. Everything changed when she was introduced to egg freezing, a revolutionary new technology that could help her save her eggs.

At age 37, Rachel froze her eggs, a process in which the patient undergoes hormone-injections that allow for egg retrieval before they are thawed, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus as embryos. Rachel knew that she wanted to experience the joys of being pregnant and having a biological child, so egg freezing, what she now calls, “the pill of the technology generation,” would allow her to have a baby when she is ready.

Her trailblazing memoir, In Her Own Sweet Time: Egg Freezing and the New Frontiers of Family is the story of this journey and how she came to conceive her son. Lehmann-Haupt examines the trials—and modern scientific solutions—of balancing career and love with the realities of reproductive timing.

“A must read for everyone interested in exploring more choices in her life.”

– Louann Brizendine, M.D., author of the international bestseller, The Female Brain.



Women continue to make massive strides towards gender equality, recently edging out men as the new majority in the workforce. But with such a brief biological window for childbearing, this can also mean delaying the timetable for motherhood and family planning. There’s also the possibility that Mr. Right has not shown up yet. What can women do in order to advance their career while ensuring the possibility of a family in the future?


Today, Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is a top expert in egg freezing and fertility who helps women consider new choices as they try to balance career, love and family so that they don’t need to view fertility as a ticking time bomb. 

“I hope my experiences and research will provide insight for others into how some of these choices look and feel.”


ABOUT Rachel Lehmann-Haupt:

*Rachel Lehman-Haupt (Head Shot)
Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is one of America’s premier experts on the future of family life, career timing, and the influence of science and technology on fertility and pregnancy, and is widely credited with coining the phrase ‘DIY Mom.’ An in-demand speaker and journalist, her writing appears regularly in the New York Times MagazineVogueOGlamourWiredSelf, and more. She graduated with distinction in English literature from Kenyon College, and has a Masters in Journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley (where she apprenticed under Clay Felker, the founder of New York magazine.)

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