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New Trend Among Millennials

Egg FreezingA New Reality for Young Women in the Workforce

Working GirlExpert says millennial women should think about egg freezing younger

This summer, 2 million millennial females will be returning home from college to start work. While these young women prepare for their future professionally, many are also planning ahead for family and fertility.

Women are making massive strides in gender equality, edging out men as the new majority in the workforce. But, because of their brief window for childbearing, this also means a drastically shifting paradigm for motherhood and family planning.

More women are choosing to freeze their eggs and take control of reproductive timing,and millennials are no exception.  Known as “The Planning Generation,” egg freezing is a no-brainer for them. Young women want it all—career, family, and the perfect partner—but haven’t yet figured out how it all fits together.

Rachel Lehmann-Haupt helps women consider new choices as they try to balance career, love and family so that they don’t need to view fertility as a ticking time bomb. This book will turn panic into peace.

Her trailblazing memoir, “In Her Own Sweet Time” examines the trials—and modern scientific solutions—of balancing career and love with the realities of reproductive timing.

In an Interview Rachel can Discuss:

  • The culture of “hook-ups,” the “marriage crunch” and the new “baby panic”
  • Data about shifting family structures and how they really affect the children
  • The pros and cons of post-35 pregnancy
  • Facts about fertility, egg freezing, and other modern reproductive technologies
  • Ethics of egg freezing
  • The rising number of “DIY Moms”

ABOUT Rachel Lehmann-Haupt:

*Rachel Lehman-Haupt (Head Shot)
Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is one of America’s premier experts on the future of family life, career timing, and the influence of science and technology on fertility and pregnancy, and is widely credited with coining the phrase ‘DIY Mom.’ An in-demand speaker and journalist, her writing appears regularly in the New York Times MagazineVogueOGlamourWiredSelf, and more. She graduated with distinction in English literature from Kenyon College, and has a Masters in Journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley (where she apprenticed under Clay Felker, the founder of New York magazine).

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