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Emotional Literacy: Newest (& Nicest) Trend in Business
Female CEO Shares Why Getting Ahead Doesn’t Have to be Ruthless

It’s a common thought that good people make poor leaders and effective leaders are cold and ruthless …but a new approach to business is putting that idea to rest.

Perhaps it is in response to today’s harsh political climate, but many professionals are now opting for a more rational way of leading that includes curiosity and empathy. While some may think kindness is a soft skill, it’s proven to be incredibly effective…especially in business.


Why ‘Nice’ Works
Emotional Literacy is a new buzzword circling the corporate world, but what does that really mean? As humans, we all have a natural desire to feel understood. Emotional literacy teaches us to communicate in ways that will bring us closer to our desired outcomes in business.

Christina Harbridge, author and CEO of Allegory, calls this approach the Swayed Model.


“Humans are irrational and emotional; we don’t always behave in ways that move us closer to what we want. To drive us toward our goals, we must know how to influence — or sway others,” says Harbridge.


Christina Harbridge is now the founder of a behavior change company, Allegory, that helps individuals and businesses uncover the underlying behaviors around communication that effect overall performance and happiness. Her new book, Swayed helps decode the incredibly intricate system of influence that relies on mutual attention and understanding.

Harbridge discovered the power of persuasion years ago, founding a company in what is perhaps the most cutthroat of all industries: debt collections. Instead of using the intimidation and fear tactics that were encouraged by competitors in the industry, Harbridge taught her team to be genuine and compassionate when speaking with debtors. Showing respect and really listening to people’s stories paid off. Her method was so effective, not only did she increase business 3x the industry standard, her collectors were invited to weddings! Moral of the story…the human relationship was the true currency and this is what increased the bottom line.


“In order to change a mind, sell a product, or save the world, we must first be heard.”



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“Swayed provides thought provoking ideas and real world examples on the power of context. More importantly the book offers a wealth of deliberate practices for how to implement in every day life. This is not just a business book it is essential reading for improving communication and increasing influence.”

– Simon Cowell, CEO bareMinerals



Christina Harbridge’s behavior change philosophy is the product of her many eclectic life experiences. She has co-authored software, built a company that hit national revenue success, practiced acrobatic swing dancing, been a NASA test subject, and collaborated to design several large-scale metal sculptures currently on display in San Francisco, Austin, and Toronto.

Today she runs Allegory Inc., a company that helps individuals and companies uncover the underlying behaviors around communication that effect overall performance and happiness. She continues to work and live in the Bay Area with her young son.

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