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Lifting Weights & Grades

The Unexpected Benefit of Family Exercise 


Want your kids to do better in school this year?  All work & no play is definitely not the answer…

New studies show family fitness plays a major role in a child’s education. According to Medical Daily, physically active children had bigger hippocampi as compared to their less active peers and did better in memory tests. Researchers also determined the different effects that cardio respiratory capacity, muscular strength, and motor ability have on the brain and how they influence academic performance. (Source) 

Unfortunately, many parents live a sedentary lifestyle which prevents kids from fine-tuning their motor skills and strengthening their heart, lungs, and muscles.


According to family fitness experts Danny and Denise Locsin, working out with your children goes far beyond the physical benefits.


“It is imperative that we teach our kids healthy ways to reduce stress, improve relationships and do better academically,” says Danny.


We all live busy lives and it’s hard to make time for exercise but it doesn’t have to be time consuming or feel like a chore. There are many fun and creative ways you can incorporate physical activity into your daily routine while spending quality time with your family.
Danny and Denise Locsin are living proof that working out as a family has many benefits. The husband and wife team built their own relationship at the gym and since then, they have dedicated their lives to teaching families how to improve personal connections through exercise. Danny, a kinesiologist, and Denise, a fitness coach, believe family fitness is key to a happy home.

“Working out with loved ones improves your relationship because fitness is key to brain health; mental, emotional and stress management. Weight loss and fit body is just a wonderful side effect,” says Denise.  


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Husband and wife team, Denise & Danny Locsin created Yokebar to be the ultimate family exercise program. As a busy mother of four, Denise wanted something that was high intensity, but also safe and easy to set up. Finding a system that could adapt to a variety of fitness needs and ability levels was challenging. The requirements became even broader when Danny injured himself and was forced to give up his usual exercise routine.

After much scientific research and testing, Yokebar was born. Today Danny and Denise train people in the Yoke Training System and also are the founders of Hi5 Produce, a leading corporate produce delivery service located in the Silicon Valley.

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