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People are Baffled How this Healer Can Perform Miracles over the Phone:
Ed Strachar “Healing Genius” Demonstrates the Mind * Body * Soul * Connection

phonePeople call him the “healing genius” and he offers to help people live on the air…but can a person really perform miracles over the phone?

Ed Strachar, a former electronics engineer, claims he can heal any willing person of their ailments by reviving the body’s natural ability to heal.

Strachar specializes in a technique he calls ‘distance healing’ which involves coaching and speaking to people over the phone, social media, or a combination of the two.

An overwhelming number of people have interacted with Strachar and say he is the ‘real deal’. His healing sessions are increasing with popularity and people all over the world are saying he is changing their lives.
According to Strachar, this special ability is something anyone can possess and he is teaching people how to do it!

“The depression has lifted, the multitude of nagging physical complaints have dissipated. I have the energy to walk up stairs without becoming exhausted. My knee, which was really weak and hurting healed after the 1st session !”  

 -Helen Flouch 60 Yrs old, Reiki Master

In an interview Ed will show your audience:

  • Show reporters and their audience how they can heal themselves and others
  • Talk about the energy that connects all life
  • Share his mission to help others & give back
  • Answer any skeptics questions
  • Transmit powerful waves of Healing Energy live over the phone




Ed Strachar is a remote distance healer who specializes in helping ill, weak, tired, desperate, and depressed people using Life Force Awakening. An electronics engineer by trade, Strachar is multi-talented: He invented an electronic chip used in Major Defense Aerospace Systems; studied chess with the Grandmasters in Russia; and trained many of the world’s fastest readers with his Elite Reading Genius Program. Today Ed spends his time sponsoring and supporting orphanages around the world and applying his elite healing skills to people everywhere.


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