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Holiday Transitions

Teaching Kids to Handle Holiday Transitions
Expert Shows Families How to Tackle the Real Challenges Kids Face During the Holiday Season


The holiday season is exciting and fun but for many kids it can be unexpectedly overwhelming. 

This time of year is filled with transitions that vary from changes in routine and schedule to possible changes in family make-up & traditions.

Expert Christine Bronstein can help!

As a mother, childhood expert, and author of the wildly popular Stewie BOOM! children’s book series, she addresses the tough issues families face during sensitive transition periods and teaches kids to be their own (real-world) superhero.

In an attempt to protect kids from harsh reality, modern parenting techniques often give kids a false sense of security and do not teach the crucial problem-solving skills needed for adulthood.


Bronstein helps young people face challenges and overcome adversity in a positive and kid-friendly way. Her message has helped thousands of children move through milestones as smoothly as possible. 


In an interview Christine can discuss:

  • 5 tips for parents & kids to enjoy the holidays 
  • Techniques for dealing with split family homes
  • How to help kids transition back to school after vacation
  • Ready-to-use parenting tips for dealing with transitions 



Christine Bronstein is an entrepreneur, a mom, an author, a philanthropist, and a wife. She is the founder of Nothing But The Truth Publishing and the author of the Stewie BOOM! series of children’s books. Christine is a graduate of Emerge California and Columbia/UC-Berkeley executive MBA program. She was the CEO of one of the few women-run, venture-backed health and fitness companies in the nation for eight years and was president of a child-welfare foundation for three years. Christine is married to Bay Area journalist Phil Bronstein, and they have three children, multiple dogs, and several other small creatures.


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