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Family Communication in the Digital Age

Expert Shares Tips to Avoid Tantrums & Improve Relationships


Imagine a house with no tantrums, time-outs or tears. In this family, there is no yelling, no need for strict discipline and parents and kids interact peacefully.


Any parent can tell you this ideal family image is a fantasy…but a realistic version may be closer than you think.

According to expert Christina Harbridge, it all begins with communication…and in the digital age, teaching communication skills to children is more important than ever.

Harbridge, a Mompreneuer and author, is the founder of a behavior change company, Allegory, Inc. that helps individuals and businesses uncover the underlying behaviors around communication that affect overall performance and happiness. While decoding the power of persuasion in her professional life, Harbridge discovered many of the same behavior-change and communication tactics also translated to parenting.


“In our technology-driven world, kids spend hours each day engaging with each other and ideas through screens, but they rarely have an opportunity to truly practice their interpersonal communication skills,” says Harbridge. “Teaching children emotional literacy (how to effectively communicate ideas, read body language, have empathy, etc.) is not only important because it prepares children for the future, but it is also incredibly beneficial for creating a healthy family dynamic.”


Human-beings have a natural desire to feel understood and kids are no exception. When it comes to family communication and emotional literacy, parents must practice what they preach. Many parents assume they know their child’s needs and wants but these assumptions are often the trigger to arguments, resentment and frustration. While kids do not always make responsible decisions, their thoughts, feelings and opinions are very real emotions and they should be respected.

It would be easy if kids did what they were told to do when they were told to do it, but communication is a powerful tool parents can use to reach any desired outcome. 


As parents, you can sway or influence your children by changing the way you interact and speak to them. Listening to understand rather than listening to respond, is a way to resolve conflict more efficiently without it escalating into an argument.

Christina Harbridge helps decode the incredibly intricate system of influence in her new book, Swayed

Whether it is in parenting, business or any relationship, communication is key…and in the digital age, imparting this skill set to our children is more important than ever.



  • Family Communication in the Digital Age
  • Emotional Literacy & Parenting
  • How to Avoid Tantrums and Improve Family Relationships
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  • 3 Ways to Communicate Better with Your Child


“Swayed provides thought provoking ideas and real world examples on the power of context. More importantly the book offers a wealth of deliberate practices for how to implement in every day life. This is not just a business book it is essential reading for improving communication and increasing influence.”

– Simon Cowell, CEO bareMinerals



Christina Harbridge’s behavior change philosophy is the product of her many eclectic life experiences. She has co-authored software, built a company that hit national revenue success, practiced acrobatic swing dancing, been a NASA test subject, and collaborated to design several large-scale metal sculptures currently on display in San Francisco, Austin, and Toronto.

Today she runs Allegory Inc., a company that helps individuals and companies uncover the underlying behaviors around communication that effect overall performance and happiness. She continues to work and live in the Bay Area with her young son.

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