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Tampa surgeon, Dr. Rich “The Smile Dr.” Castellano went viral on Facebook Live last week when he broadcast live footage of a facelift surgery in real time.

He uses various live-stream social apps (including Periscope, Facebook Live, and soon Youtube Connect) to show live medical procedures in real time.  While this kind of broadcast may sound risky, Dr. Castellano is challenging conventional wisdom while empowering patients.

Dr. Castellano is no stranger to using social media and technology to demystify medicine.  He was among the first to use Google Glass in the operating room and he is always on the cutting edge of technology for his patients.

He believes his actions will positively change the medical profession as it allows for immediate feedback and instant interaction.

Using Facebook Live, Dr. Castellano is able to:

  • Educate medical students and provide information to consumers and patients
  • Provide immediate medical support/crisis communication during disasters
  • Demystify the healthcare profession by allowing users to see what happens behind closed doors

Castellano broadcasts live surgery each week.

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Periscope:   @richcastellano

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About Richard “The Smile Dr.” Castellano:

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The Smile Dr. (also known as Dr. Richard Castellano MD, in day-to-day life) is an experienced facial rejuvenation artist and a Wall Street Journal Best-selling author. As the Founder/Medical Director of ImageLift® Dr. Castellano is one of the most sought-after facial plastic surgeons in the U.S. today. His new book “The Smile Prescription” explores the art of smiling, facial expression, and innovative communication strategies. Dr. Castellano has been a guest on The Daily Buzz, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and numerous other media outlets.



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