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Gift-Giving Service Takes Stress Out of Holiday Shopping


Gift-giving makes the holidays stressful. And it’s no wonder why. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, 48% of US consumers return items to the store the week after Christmas.


Everyone wants to give the perfect gift but with so many options available today it’s difficult to choose. The pressure is high to find something unique and fun, or practical and customized – not to mention the added chaos that comes with holiday shopping.


But thanks to Loop & Tie, the pressure is off and the holidays can be fun again.


Through Loop & Tie, gifters can send the fun of choice in a personalized online experience. Gifters choose a collection to send, personalize an online card with their own pictures, video and message, and the recipient gets to select anything they’d like, without ever seeing prices.


It takes gifting to a whole new level and has allowed people to master the art of gift-giving with just a few clicks. Loop & Tie Is the 2017 equivalent of walking into a store with someone and telling them “Pick out whatever you’d like.”


We all love the joy that comes from gifting our friends and family, but the stress of picking something out often overshadows that sentiment. We built Loop & Tie to make it easy to focus on the joy of gifting and receiving beautiful, unique items, without the headache of the search.”

– Sara Rodell, CEO Loop & Tie




Loop & Tie helps people build connections through personalized gifting. Instead of having to pick out a specific gift, gifters send a collection of choices and recipients pick out their favorite item.







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