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Media and Public Relations

FarrowPR can help with media and public relations. Our team of former broadcast journalists and media industry insiders is unmatched. Our executives have spent decades building their Rolodex of producers, news directors, hosts, and talent. When they see our name in their inboxes they are eager to open our message. Let FarrowPR put your name in front of millions.

  • PR strategy and planning
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Organizing lumpy mail campaigns
  • Press releases and press kit development
  • Press release distribution, syndication, and publication
  • Identifying target media (radio, print, TV and bloggers)
  • Creative storyline and pitch development
  • Media pitching, scheduling and facilitating media interviews
  • Question sheet to script interviews
  • In-house media training
  • Coaching calls with Dave
  • Emergency media support
  • Copywriting and sending targeted email blasts