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New Shackle Makes Job Site Safer for Riggers

Shackle Patent Awarded to Leading Expert in Rigging Safety



A revolutionary new shackle has been introduced to the world of rigging – one that will make the job site safer and more productive for workers. The design was recently patented by the creator, Patrick Tarrant, a 40-year veteran in the crane industry, leading expert in rigging safety, and CEO of crane management. 

The Problem:

Current methods for centering a load (washers or sleeve add-ons) are problematic on the job site. This is compounded by the need for different washers or sleeves depending on which manufacturer produces the individual shackle. The pressure to complete a job as quickly as possible, often forces workers to cut corners. Taking the time to properly assess, find, and use the appropriate centering accessory is an inconvenient task that is often neglected. This results in an unbalanced or uncentered load, thus causing a potential safety hazard.



The Solution:

Tarrant’s new shackle design solves this problem by eliminating the need for human intervention. The new shackle creates a valley in the cross-member shaft. This cross member has a depression that works to automatically center the rope without the need for additional accessories like washers or sleeves.


“A safety measure is more easily adopted when it is convenient,” says Tarrant. “We believe this new design will make a radical positive improvement in rigging safety.”


For more information, please refer to the entire patent summary HERE 


Interested in acquiring a limited license of this new shackle?

Tarrant is currently seeking partners to develop it for the market.


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Patrick Tarrant is the founder and CEO of Crane Management, a consulting agency for construction companies in New York City.  A well-known industry professional with over 40 years experience, Tarrant is frequently hired as an expert witness in construction and safety cases. He is a Certified Hoist Operator, Master Rigger, AWS Welding Inspector, and is trained in all areas of crane operations (LBT, LBC, TLL,TSS, BTF, STC, & TWR.)


An OSHA Authorized Safety Instructor, Tarrant is on a mission to keep the job site safe for workers and fair for employers.