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Celebrity Obesity Doctor Says It’s OK to Eat for Pleasure

One of today’s most celebrated obesity surgeons is making waves this holiday season encouraging people to enjoy holiday food.

According to the NY Times the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas – These few months account for the most weight gain all year. With the obesity epidemic killing an estimated 300,000 people per year (NIH) it is important to know the facts so you can stay healthy.

Dr. Cliff Thomas from TLC’s “Half Ton Mom” says smaller portions this season will help fight fat all year long.

How often do you say I feel great after eating a giant meal? Almost never. There is so much wrong or misleading information out there that is making this country fat or dead in record numbers. It is important to know you can enjoy the “season’s eatings” as long as it is in small portions, the food is high quality, and you don’t do it day after day.

  • -How to train the stomach to be content with smaller meals.
  • -How to turn down the food volume this holiday.
  • -How to decide what food to eat. (Eat this not that!)
  • -How to change day-to-day eating habits with game-changing perspectives. 

ABOUT Dr. Cliff Thomas:

Best-selling author and renowned surgeon, Dr. Clifton Thomas, is known as “Houston’s most respected Bariatric surgeon.” His new book (released this week!) “The One Hour Power Dietgives a simple solution to millions of Americans struggling with their weight and eating habits. Dr. Thomas is also the author of “Skinny Jeans…At Last”, “No Mistakes”, and “10 Reasons to Not Ignore Reflux or Heartburn.” Best known in the media for appearing on the TLC documentary “The Half Ton Mom”, Dr. Thomas performed the largest gastric bypass and gastric sleeve in the world along side well-known celebrity Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

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