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Unique Business Model Thrives:
Ethical Investors Flip Real Estate Expectations
by Giving Profit Back

Consumers have long suffered from unethical business practices, but in today’s digital age news travels fast and companies can no longer afford to ignore customer care. 

With platforms like yelp and google reviews only a click away, the standards for customer satisfaction are rising and it is difficult for companies to meet the growing expectations.

One way to ensure people are satisfied:

Pay them!


According to CEO Brian Peavey, profit sharing with clients is a business model destined for success because it is grounded in ethics, honesty, and it is beneficial for both sides.


“Profit sharing promotes client engagement and loyalty, it lowers the cost of doing business, and it increases revenue and net income,” says Peavey.


While profit sharing has worked in other industries, Peavey’s business, aptly named “ProfitShare,” is the only company in the real estate / flipping business to adopt this model. The Boise-based company buys, renovates, and resells homes…and then shares the profit with owners.

This is a radical take not only on on real estate and house flipping, but on business in general.

The traditional model of house flipping often preys on people in financial crisis and frequently takes advantage of the original home owner. Instead, ProfitShare partners with these home owners and includes them in the success of the deal.


“There is no need to make money off the pain of others,” says Peavey.

“By sharing the profits everybody wins!”


Bringing this share model to real estate is paying off in a big way. Offering this proposition to property owners has greatly increased the number of people who want to sell, and in a city with a flipping market as competitive as Boise, this edge is imperative. ProfitShare has investors lined up which Peavey believes will only continue as it coincides with the new trend of socially responsible investing.

“We believe that an attitude of plentifulness, creates more bounty,” says Peavey. “What better way to ensure that the Law of Attraction is providing us with abundance, than to share the abundance with others?”

When the goals of the customer, supplier, and company are the same, business thrives!




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Brian grew up in Boise, Idaho since 1976 and has over 22 years in real estate, first as a Realtor and then transitioning to work in development, remodeling and property management. He holds a B.S. in Business Economics from Willamette University and an M.B.A. in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. His daily responsibilities are to track real estate trends in the industry as well as local market activity, identify viable market opportunities, analyze project projections, track remodel progress, market properties for sale, negotiate contracts, safeguard expedited and cost effective closings, and ensure partner satisfaction. Brian and his wife Elisa live in Bend, Oregon now and he enjoys rafting, skiing, hiking, playing basketball and watching his three little girls grow up.





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