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New Trend2016  Brings RENEWAL to Boomers   

old people smiling Spring is traditionally the season of retirement but 2016 has the lowest retirement rates to date.

According to AARP, over 70% of boomers said they will delay retirement, & 50% said they may never retire.  In the past, retirement planning was all about calculating the money needed to sustain a lifestyle for a handful of years.

Today, planning for tomorrow is NOT as simple. Boomers are living longer, wanting more, and facing unprecedented opportunities from tech advances in everything from social networks to healthcare. Far different than their depression / World War II era parents, Boomers, the #1 consumer-age demographic in the U.S., are facing incredible uncertainty. It is no surprise that these shifts are changing traditional financial paradigms.

This expert can help!

Howard Kaplan is today’s top expert on Renewal Planning®, the latest mega trend among boomers.

Spring 2016 proves the boomer generation is opting for a new type of planning that has redefined retirement – Renewal Planning® – a strategic launch pad that integrates Life, Health, Wealth and Human Capital strategies to create a fulfilling, prosperous and engaging future.

In an Interview Howard can Discuss:

  • Why the difference between Renewal and Retirement can make all the difference
  • The biggest mistake boomers make when planning their future
  • Simple & 3 secrets uncovered you need to know when planning a fulfilling prosperous and engaging future
  • Why even AARP is running away from retirement

ABOUT Howard Kaplan:

Howard Kaplan Head Shot
Howard Kaplan is the founder / thought leader of Renewal Planning® and CEO of Renewal Planning Partners, LLC. (Specialists in helping clients take control of their futures).  Harvard educated, CPA/Personal Financial Specialist as well as Personal Development Guru; author, speaker, Wealth advisor, and a leader in the field of Retirement Planning over the past 25 years.



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