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Could it Be Scoliosis?


Childhood Expert Shares the Facts, the Unexpected Side Effects, & Shows Families How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

500 people are diagnosed with Scoliosis each day. Although it is an increasingly common condition, millions of families remain uninformed.
Symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways and while the physical effects of Scoliosis are complex and difficult to manage, the emotional aspects can be just as crippling.

The outward symptoms of scoliosis develop in young boys and girls at a time when physical appearance can greatly impact self-esteem.
This deformity leads to shame in a world that praises beauty and treatment plans often ignore the emotional aspects of this complex condition.

Scoliosis not only affects the sufferer, but also their parents, teachers, and friends. Whether their child is diagnosed or not, it is important for parents to know the facts.


June Hyjek can help!


As a wellness expert, children’s author, (& scoliosis sufferer,) June Hyjek educates families and dispels the common misconceptions about the condition. She shows how to manage the physical and emotional consequences and reaches all audiences by sharing her personal journey with Scoliosis.


  • Warning signs & unexpected side effects of scoliosis
  • Tips for parents & kids to manage the diagnosis
  • How to fight the emotional battle with the condition
  • Share her inspiring personal account of dealing with the condition



Author, Speaker & wellness expert June Hyjek is a scoliosis advocate who offers comfort and encouragement to people through her books, & workshops. Her latest book, Being Grace: A Story for Children about Scoliosis empowers and informs young people showing how to deal with the emotional consequences of the condition.

June’s personal experience with Scoliosis provides the passion for her work and her speeches, which offer inspiration and hope for achieving and maintaining wellness.

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