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SEX & ORGANIZATION: Why Living Clutter-Free is the Best Aphrodisiac

sexy-man-cleaningDoes the idea of your husband cleaning the house turn you on?  If so, you are not alone.

There is a significant connection between organization & relationships. 

If your love life isn’t living up to your expectations, consider a closer look at your environment. Clutter is a metaphor. When our spaces are a cluttered mess, it adds stress to any relationship. Simplifying our stuff and organizing our lives doesn’t just make life more convenient, it makes the spaces we inhabit more inspiring. It also makes us more open to love and relationships.

Evan Zislis offers proven effective strategies to help people clear their clutter and rekindle their romance.

Evan Zislis, the international Best-Selling Author of ClutterFree Revolution and Aphrodisiac: Clearing the Cluttered Path to Epic Love, Great Sex & Relationships that Last  says clearing away the excess whittles life down to its bare essence, revealing purity of heart, integrity of character, and inspiration of purpose.

Organization and decluttering is proven to make people happier, but the positive effect goes beyond the individual.

Zislis has helped thousands of people simplify their life so that they may focus on what matters most: their relationship.


“Put away the laundry and organize the kitchen – it’s the best aphrodisiac there is. Trust me.” 

– Evan Zislis

Talking Points:

  • What’s LOVE got to do with CLUTTER?
  • 6 steps to declutter your way to great sex 
  • Why letting go of stuff makes for relationships that last
  • Why organizing is the best aphrodisiac 


ClutterFree Revolution does more than demystify the complexity of our stuff – it guides us through an honest conversation about what matters most.” — Dr. Melva Green, from the hit TV series, Hoarders




Evan Zislis is a professional organizer, social entrepreneur, and author of the Amazon best-seller ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life & Save the World. Evan is a contributing author to the Huffington Post and has his own column called Life Simplified, which is regularly published in two of the largest newspapers in Aspen. Evan’s work has been featured in Inc., Aspen Magazine, Aspen Sojourner Magazine, Modern Luxury, Interiors Colorado, and Lifestyles Magazine.

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