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The New Exercise Trend That’s Bringing Couples Together

Expert Fitness Couple Share Why It Pays to Sweat Together


You may have seen this hashtag trending on social media as millennials run to the gym in droves to tone up and sweat it out with their #swolemate. 

According to fitness experts Danny and Denise Locsin, spending quality exercise-time with a sweetheart has more benefits than one may realize.

Working out together builds self esteem, improves sex drive, and some scientists are even predicting it will increase longevity! It’s not only physically beneficial (studies show you actually build more muscle when sweating with your sweetheart,) it tones your relationship in a way nothing else can.

In one study, couples reported feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner after jointly participating in an exciting physical challenge or activity, (Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman, 2000).


The same endorphins that give a ‘runners high’ also bring a sense of euphoria and wellbeing to your relationship,” says Danny. “Couples bond deeper which makes them exercise more frequently.”


Danny and Denise Locsin are living proof that it pays to sweat together. The husband and wife team built their own relationship at the gym and since then, they have dedicated their lives to teaching people how to improve personal connections through exercise. Danny, a kinesiologists, and Denise, a personal trainer, believe romantic relationships are just the beginning.

Couples use their workouts as a time to bond and share, we also do that when working out with our family, says Denise, who has a program specifically designed to bring families together through exercise.

What’s the next hashtag to trend on social media? The mother of four predicts  #FitFam will dominate instagram this summer.



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Husband and wife team, Denise & Danny Locsin created Yokebar to be the ultimate family exercise program. As a busy mother of four, Denise wanted something that was high intensity, but also safe and easy to set up. Finding a system that could adapt to a variety of fitness needs and ability levels was challenging. The requirements became even broader when Danny injured himself and was forced to give up his usual exercise routine.

After much scientific research and testing, Yokebar was born. Today Danny and Denise train people in the Yoke Training System and also are the founders of Hi5 Produce, a leading corporate produce delivery service located in the Silicon Valley.

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