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Sports Training Program Reverses Age-Related Stiffness

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Premier Sports Training Facility in CA

Re-engineers Olympic and Amateur Athletes

Wealthy weekend golfers to Wall Street powerbrokers are rushing to Somax to feel younger and more energetic. Bob Prichard, president of Somax Performance Institute, has rocked the sports training world with a radical new take on improving performance. According to stats, this is arguably the most effective sports training system in use today.

Now the wealthy are using this new science to feel younger!

Programs range from $10,000 – $42,000
No sports training program has even come close to this percentage of success!

  • -18 Olympic athletes won 44 Gold Medals and set 11 World Records.
  • -Pro golfers won the US Open as a rookie, improved their putting from #113 to #1, quadrupled their tour income, and increased their longest drive from 295 to 400.
  • -An amateur rugby team that took up rowing made the Olympic Trials in just 6 months.
  • -Somax runners usually cut a minute per mile off their running pace.
  • -Students get better grades and adults get promotions and pay raises after Somax improves their chest expansion.
  • -Amateur golfers have improved their scores from the 90’s to a 1.5 index, increased their average drive from 290 to 350, and eliminated back and hip pain in four weeks or less.

This approach has been helping athletes “Come in as Fords and leave as Ferraris”.


    • -What workouts to avoid because they age you faster. 
    • -How the Somax system reversed age-related stiffness.
    • -How Chest expansion can affect everything from depression to divorce.
    • -How harder workouts can make you weaker.
    • -Why you should not aim for big muscles but flexible ones.

ABOUT Bob Prichard

Bob Prichard is the author of The Efficient Golfer, Are You Flexible Enough for Golf?, and has written dozens of articles in sports magazines.  He was also a monthly columnist for The New York Times, and broadcast analyst for NBC Sports Olympics. Prichard holds two US patents, one for the Power Hip Trainer, the only aerobic exercise machine designed to increase the strength and speed of hip rotation for golf, tennis, baseball, boxing, and martial arts. Bob has been the subject of articles in The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and many other sports magazines.

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