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How Simple PR Campaigns Changed the World

When you develop a PR campaign you are making an important, long term investment in your company. Though as some campaigns prove, you also can also invest in the world at large. There are countless examples of PR campaigns that raise awareness for causes and charities. Below are some PR campaigns that created massive buzz while also making a difference in the world:

Dawn Dish Detergent


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Following the disastrous BP oil spill in 2010, those involved in the clean-up effort found that Dawn dish detergent was very effective for cleaning animals and wildlife that were harmed by the spill. Crude oil is very difficult to remove, however Dawn was proven to be the best at removing oil from birds without harming them. The soap’s effectiveness helped position the company as environmentalists and wildlife preservationists.

HoneyMaid Crackers


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After HoneyMaid debuted their commercial featuring a same-sex couple, they received some backlash from some anti-gay viewers. They decided to print out the angry comments, rolled them up and created a formation of the word “Love.” They then added all of the positive responses and added them around the word “Love”, proving that they received more than ten times as many positive responses than negative.


Ice Bucket Challenge

ice bucket

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This is a PR campaign that you may have been involved in!  The Ice Bucket Challenge is perhaps the most successful and effective example of viral and social media marketing. Participants in the Ice Bucket Challenge dumped a bucket of ice water over their heads, then nominated their friends and family to do the same. The goal of the Ice Bucket Challenge was to ultimately raise awareness for ALS. The campaign led to over 2.4 million tagged videos on Facebook.


Making the Change

All three campaigns were unique in that they successfully raised brand awareness while providing help and giving back to the global community. These campaigns were able to turn bad situations into positive, change-enacting charity and activism. Additionally, these three campaigns were able to encourage others to join the cause on a global level.  Sometimes small, simple ideas can be the most impactful.



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